10 Reasons why your business needs an LMS
LMS stands for Learning Management System. In the future employees are asking themselves this question. “How will you upskill me if I choose to work for your company”? Training and development are, therefore, no longer a nice to have luxury, T&D is a necessity!
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Future of Education Soft Skills
According to Statistics SA, “South African youth are still vulnerable in the labour market.
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'VINTAGE' - FUTURE SKILLSWhen I think of Vintage, I think of something timeless and valuable. My brother in law has taken an old 1964 Cordini and restored it to its true essence. To see the original colours and trim is a sight to behold.
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Stress: The Silent Killer
“I’m so stressed!”
“It’s been such a hectic season – I need another coffee… or a drink!”
“I need to escape. I need to sleep.”

Sounds familiar?
In recent years, the word BUSY has become a buzzword. When asked how we are doing, “Busy!” often rolls off our lips, as if this is something to be proud of. In t...
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Soft Skills for the Future Economy
As we enter into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Technologies will change the face of our planet forever! There are no guarantees as to how things will look. However, there is one thing that will be certain, and that is the human element. The assets that genu...
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